Blazing Mister Sam Eau de Parfum
Blazing Mister Sam Eau de Parfum

Blazing Mister Sam Eau de Parfum

Head, Heart & Base notes
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    Head Notes

    Cardamom, Cumin
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    Heart Notes

    Black Pepper
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    Base Notes

    Atlas Cedarwood, Patchouli
  • From the Penhaligon's Portrait collection, The Blazing Mister Sam Eau de Parfum is inspired by an American aboard who lives fast, spends freely and speaks loudly.
    Only the most lavish notes will do his captivating conversation justice, known for his proud claims of opulence, The Blazing Mister Sam Eau de Parfum from Penhaligon's is the perfect combination of hot and cold spices....his scent combines a mix of spicy head notes, Cardamom and Cumin, to its heart, with base notes of Black Pepper, Atlas Cedar Wood and Patchouli. All combining to give you a warm, yet fast fragrance, it’s time to live life in the fast lane!
    Well, he appeared to be taking lessons from Duchess Rose the last time he was seen…
    Discover Mister Sam Eau de Parum from the Penhaligon's Portraits Collection.

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